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Hidroponia, introduccion.

29/02/2008 16:57
La palabra Hidroponia deriva del griego Hydro (agua) y Ponos (labor o trabajo) lo cual significa literalmente trabajo en agua. La Hidroponia es una ciencia que estudia los cultivos sin tierra. ¿Por que se cultivan sin tierra? ¿hay algo de malo con ella? No hay nada de malo con ella, como se sabe,...


Information for visitors

11/10/2007 16:14
Inform your visitors about news and promotions as often as possible. Constantly update the content of your website to persuade them to visit regularly. You can also use RSS feeds to automatically distribute articles.


Website has been launched

11/10/2007 16:13
Our new website has been launched today. Give reasons for starting the new website, why it is special and why your visitors need it. For example, you can offer incentives such as prizes. Clearly state your aspirations and pinpoint advantages. Briefly give reasons for them to benefit from your...




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